Previewing the 2005 NFL Free Agency Period: The Defense (3/1/05)

ED: Ed Agner : BB: Bill Barnwell : PR: Phil Rippa


Buck Rasmussen Patriots
Jarvis Green Patriots
Rodney Bailey Patriots
Carl Powell Bengals
Shaun Ellis Jets
John Abraham Jets
Bryan Robinson Dolphins
Demetrin Veal Ravens
Marques Douglass Ravens
Felip Claybrookes Browns
Tyrone Rogers Browns
Eric Taylor Steelers
Brett Keisel Steelers
Corey Sears Texans
Raheem Brock Colts
Rob Meier Jaguars
Lionel Barnes Jaguars
Jason Gildon Jaguars
Shawn Johnson Titans
Carlos Hall Titans
Bryant McNeal Broncos
Marco Coleman Broncos
Reggie Hayward Broncos
Anton Palepoi Broncos
Bobby Hamilton Raiders
Robert Pollard Chargers
Alex Brown Bears
Aaron Kampman Packers
Bryce Fisher Rams
Erik Flowers Rams
Kyle Vanden Bosch Cardinals
Chike Okeafor Seahawks
Brandon Mitchell Seahawks
Karon Riley Falcons
Kavika Pittman Panthers
Tony Bryant Saints
Darren Howard Saints
Derrick Burgess Eagles
Hugh Douglas Eagles
Ron Warner Redskins
Demetric Evans Redskins
Pat Williams Bills
Ethan Kelley Patriots
Josh Evans Jets
Jason Ferguson Jets
Alan Harper Jets
James Reed Jets
Dario Romero Dolphins
Matt Zielinski Ravens
Terrance Martin Bengals
Tony Williams Bengals
Nick Eason Browns
Grant Bowman Steelers
Kendrick Clancy Steelers
Junior Ioane Texans
Seth Payne Texans
Dorsett Davis Broncos
Luther Ellis Broncos
Monsanto Pope Broncos
Montique Sharpe Chiefs
Jacques Cesaire Chargers
Dequnicy Scott Chargers
Eric Downing Chargers
Shaun Rogers Lions
Marcus Bell Lions
Kelvin Pritchett Lions
Cullen Jenkins Packers
Chris Hovan Vikings
Ross Kolodziej Cardinals
Rocky Bernard Seahawks
Tony Brown 49ers
Jordan Carstens Panthers
Howard Green Saints
Jon Bradley Buccaneers
Chartric Darby Buccaneers
Jermaine Brooks Cowboys
Kendrick Allen Giants
Lance Legree Giants
Corey Simon Eagles
Joe Salave’a Redskins

BB: Jesus Christ on a stick that’s a lot of defensive linemen. Let’s narrow it down a little bit.

PR: I demand that if Dean has a third son, his name must be Buck Rasmussen.

BB: Corey Simon got franchised by the Eagles, which is kinda weird for a guy that was getting the Chris Hovan-you-aren’t-good-anymore press all 2004. Of course – it’s not as if the Eagles don’t have the cap room for one season.

PR: Oh yeah – no one was as maligned for his play last year as Simon was. And deservedly so, as he had career lows across the board except in sacks. I am thinking that the Eagles are just hoping that someone stupidly signs him so they can get they two first round draft picks. Yes – you, like me, are thinking this is where the Redskins come in.

BB: Hovan seems like he would be a good pickup for someone assuming that his problems were due to the system he was in and the situation as opposed to anything more substantial.

ED:  Well, Hovan wasn’t really that good to begin with.  Sure he was really white and ugly.  And that certainly made a lot of people happy.  But he was…OK.  At best.  Then again, with the media as it is, that’s enough to make him a superstar.  The perfect match for him is Cincy or New England.  He’ll want more than either team will pay so he’ll end up in Kansas City where he can dry Dick Vermeil’s tears.

BB: John Abraham got franchised too. And I think Shaun Ellis signed a long-term deal. I think. I’m not an expert. Thank god the Jets only spent two other first round picks on defensive linemen since then.

PR: Yup, the Jets gave Ellis a six year deal with $15.5 million guaranteed. Considering he signed in November, I have no idea why he still shows on the FA list. I blame the Internet. And speaking of the internet, am I the only one who is surprised that Josh Evans’ name hasn’t shown up in one of those online Instant Messenger sexual predator FBI raids yet?

BB: Ross Kolodziej’s last name sounds like it was in a car accident and lost two or three letters. Or it sounds constantly incomplete. One or the other.

PR:  It appears that Dennis Green cut one letter for every game that Kolodziej played in. Oh yeah – and don’t think he wasn’t originally drafted by the Giants. Oof…

BB: The Patriots will tender Jarvis Green to the point where it’s not worthwhile but he’d be a good signing for one of the teams late to the party and switching to the 3-4 in 2006.

PR: It might be easier to list the teams NOT switching to a 3-4 defense.

BB: Bryce Fisher had a really good game against the Seahawks and will probably get too much money from someone because of it. Let’s say…Cincinnati.

ED:  Cincy, KC.  They’ll be the buyers this off-season on the D-line front.  Assumedly.  Well, they’ll try.  Of course, no one wants to go to KC or Cincy so they’ll get shot down repeatedly.  Good thing their head coaches are geniuses.

PR: Oh yeah, KC is the spot. I see Dick Vermeil ignoring all facts and reasoning, just wondering around Arrowhead touting that he always knew that Fisher fella had potential.

BB: Shaun Rogers got a huge deal to stay in Detroit, something like $46 million for 6 years. In Madden I just signed him for $18 over 4. Of course – I might have homosexuals on my Madden Lions. That’s the price of heterosexuality.

ED:  If there weren’t any Matt Millens’ in the sports world, we’d be stuck doing reviews of Voltron, wouldn’t we?

PR: The 5 piece Lion version or the 11 piece vehicle version?

BB: This is where I pretend like I know what they’re talking about.

BB: Kendrick Clancy played really well everytime I saw him and I think if the Steelers aren’t able to resign him, he could be a good fit for someone like the Browns, especially if they trade Gerard Warren to, say, the Cowboys. Hey look – I just booked three offseasons.

ED: The thought of Gerard Warren in Dallas make my heart happy.  Which, oddly, would do the opposite for Bill Parcells.  Darn.

PR: Well, you will just have to be happy about him going to the Broncos instead. Bill already ruined the run stoppers are sexy joke so we are going to have to think outside the box here. Yeah… remember when Bill brought up teams switching to the 3-4. Hmmm… one DT starting and you already have Mario Fatafehi, who is better and cheaper. Yeah, this won’t be awkward. Of course, I am being distracted by Len P. calling Warren “Big Money”.

PR: Kavika Pittman might not be a bad guy to take a flier on. Sure he is old and crippled but I need to dream that a guy only a few months older than me can still play.

PR: I don’t think I ever let Kendrick Allen play a single down for me in Madden. Still, he had a nice 4 game run for the Giants last year. Still, I doubt he is meant for a NFL roster much longer. Lance Legree had a nice little mini-breakout season and I would love the Giants to keep him… mainly because I won’t have to work so hard to improve his numbers next year in Madden.


Josh Stamer Bills
Eric Alexander Patriots
Justin Kurpeikia Patriots
Don Davis Patriots
Jason Glenn Jets
Kenyatta Wright Jets
Morlon Greenwood Dolphins
Bart Scott Ravens
Edgerton Hartwell Ravens
T. J. Slaughter Ravens
Adalius Thomas Ravens
Marcus Wilkins Bengals
Nate Webster Bengals
Frank Chamberlin Bengals
Chris Clemons Browns
Kevin Bentley Browns
Ben Taylor Browns
Barry Gardner Browns
Warrick Holdman Browns
Eric Westmoreland Browns
Dedrick Roper Steelers
Larry Foote Steelers
Kendrell Bell Steelers
Troy Evans Texans
Marcus Bell Texans
DaShon Polk Texans
Gary Brackett Colts
Rob Morris Colts
Jim Nelson Colts
David Thornton Colts
Tony Gilbert Jaguars
Rocky Calmus Titans
Justin Ena Titans
Brad Kassell Titans
Donnie Spragan Broncos
Scott Fujita Chiefs
Quinton Caver Chiefs
Tim Johnson Raiders
Stephen Cooper Chargers
Zeke Moreno Chargers
Donte Curry Lions
Wali Rainer Lions
Jody Littleton Lions
Paris Lenon Packers
Hannibal Navies Packers
Torrance Marshall Packers
Nick Rogers Packers
Chris Claiborne Vikings
Keith Newman Vikings
Max Yates Vikings
Jeremy Loyd Rams
Trev Faulk Rams
Tommy Polley Rams
Ronald McKinnon Cardinals
Orlando Huff Seahawks
Ray Wells 49ers
Saleem Rasheed 49ers
Brandon Moore 49ers
Julian Peterson 49ers
Jamie Duncan Falcons
Eric Johnson Falcons
Matt Stewart Falcons
Artie Ulmer Falcons
Sean Tufts Panthers
Vinny Ciurciu Panthers
Brian Allen Panthers
Jessie Armstead Panthers
Mark Fields Panthers
Will Witherspoon Panthers
James Allen Saints
Roger Knight Saints
Sedrick Hodge Saints
Keith Burns Buccaneers
Ryan Nece Buccaneers
Kalen Thorton Cowboys
Ryan Fowler Cowboys
Scott Shanle Cowboys
TJ Hollowell Giants
James Maxwell Giants
Keith Adams Eagles
Jeremiah Trotter Eagles
Lemar Marshall Redskins
Antonio Pierce Redskins

BB: Jeremiah Trotter will get a new deal pretty easily although he’s going to end up being a disappointment. He is also the only one of the NFC East LBs available who I’ve ever even heard of. Jesus – I don’t even like football that much.

ED: And that’s why you’re not an expert.

PR: Aww… how quickly you forget Jessie Armstead. I remember when I thought the Giants would pay for releasing him. That is why I’m not an expert.

PR: I am sure the Bengals are happy they spent that money on Nate Webster. Whoops!

BB: Will Witherspoon is a stud and might be the best defensive player available this offseason as a UFA.

ED:  And Carolina will back up the Brinks truck for him.  At least they should.  I mean, they’re not paying Chris Weinke anymore are they?

PR: Read the Offensive preview Ed. Okay, the UFA caveat prevents me from arguing that Julian Peterson is better. Of course, Big Len doesn’t have Witherspoon in his Top 25 so again – what the heck do we know? I mean, when in doubt, sign the 31 year old Kevin Carter.

BB: For those of you who are more interested in guys who can be great but really are gonna be injured – this is where you come in, Paul DePodesta – Kendrell Bell might be more up your alley.

ED:  Ahh, over-hyped Steelers players.  You will get old enough to spot them someday, Bill.  They’re easily recognizable by…ya know…being Steelers.

PR: I learn it by signing them in Madden and then trying to trade them before the end of training camp. I actually even did this with Bell recently.

BB: Julian Peterson got franchised and…well, poor fella has to be a 49er now for a while.

PR: One would assume that Peterson doesn’t send the Yorks Christmas cards.

BB: Chris Claiborne would make a lot of sense for the Packers if they could find the salary cap space for him. It would also mean he’d have played for 3 of the 4 NFC North teams, and if you collect all 4, you get elected into the Chris Berman Hall of Fame.

ED:  I tell myself that I do not want to know what getting into the Chris Berman Hall of Fame gets you.  And yet I am strangely intrigued.  My guess, a massive heart attack by the age of 55.  Beyond that, I’m guessing rights include a bottle of Canola and a funny nickname for his li’llinebacker.

BB: That’s worth $5K right there.

BB: I think the Chiefs signed or are going to resign Scott Fujita but he always seemed like he was the pretty decent player surrounded by idiots last year whenever I saw the Chiefs play.

ED:  Idiots in KC?  In the AFC West?  Howwhahuh?

BB: Ed Hartwell is probably the best middle linebacker in the pool, depending on what you think of Claiborne. In fact – I know this is blasphemous and will get me stabbed – but dude was better than Ray Lewis this year. I know because I watched way too many awful, boring Ravens games.

ED:  Note to self: Do NOT go to any night clubs with Bill.

PR: Okay, let me try to ID a couple of the other guys Bill ignored. Lemar Marshall already resigned with the Skins. The coverted safety had himself a nice little season replacing the crippled and overrated Lavar Arrington. I doubt the Redskins tried to bait and switch Marshall on his contract because they actually like him. Speaking of breakout years replacing crippled guys – Antonio Pierce had a monster year, leading Washington in tackles as he took the place of Michael Barrow. Again, I thought the Giants would regret that. Yup, no expert.

PR: TJ Hollowell and James Maxwell are no one of consequence and will be easily replaced by some other undrafted cannon fodder out of Rutgers or Hofstra.

BB: Aww…Hofstra. I was going to apply there until my visit. I remember I went to a party the night before and I was just beginning to be hung over by the time I left to get to the campus for the 9 AM Saturday Morning tour. That should’ve been the first warning sign. So my mother and I get to the school just on time and the tour guide starts walking us around. It’s maybe fifteen degrees outside. The tour guide takes us to the Computer Science building…which looks oddly like the gym. It’s not until we get inside and start seeing the exercise bikes that we realize the tour guide just got lost and doesn’t know where he’s going. Fifteen minutes later we get a supplemental tour guide (no – not Dave Brown or Wayne Chrebet) and go onward. Get to a dorm, guy goes to open a door to show the assembled masses a room, door doesn’t open. Tries again, no luck.Tries another door, doesn’t open. Tries a third door, it’s two girls sleeping. Immediately they scream and freak out to the bemusement – no, more general malaise and bitterness – of the 20 or 30 people on the tour. The tour guide apologizes and goes to search for the right room while the girls, suitably chastened, tell us about all the problems with their building and how no one in their right mind should consider going to Hofstra. At this point, I insist on leaving and ditch the tour in mid-flight. I can only imagine what else would’ve happened afterwards.


Kevin Thomas Bills
Earthwind Moreland Patriots
Terrell Buckley Jets
Jimmy Wyrick Dolphins
Calvin Carlyle Ravens
Zach Norton Ravens
Gary Baxter Ravens
Dale Carter Ravens
Deion Sanders Ravens
Raymond Walls Ravens
Rashad Bauman Bengals
Reggie Myles Bengals
Christian Morton Browns
Anthony Henry Browns
Lewis Sanders Browns
Vontez Duff Steelers
Willie Williams Steelers
Demarcus Faggins Texans
Jason Bell Texans
Jason Simmons Texans
Kenny Wright Texans
Joseph Jefferson Colts
Donald Strickland Colts
Nick Harper Colts
Kiwaukee Thomas Jaguars
Charles Woodson Raiders
Todd McMillon Bears
Andre Goodman Lions
Chris Cash Lions
Danion Sidney Lions
Jason Horton Packers
Rhett Nelson Vikings
Derek Ross Vikings
Brian Williams Vikings
Dwight Anderson Rams
Renaldo Hill Cardinals
Michael Stone Cardinals
Robert Tate Cardinals
Kris Richard Seahawks
Ken Lucas Seahawks
Jimmy Williams 49ers
Aaron Beasley Falcons
Kevin Mathis Falcons
Allen Rossum Falcons
William Hampton Panthers
Dante Wesley Panthers
Jason Craft Saints
Ronyell Whitaker Buccaneers
Corey Ivy Buccaneers
Lance Frazier Cowboys
Lenny Williams Cowboys
Pete Hunter Cowboys
Tyrone Williams Cowboys
Frank Walker Giants
Roderick Hood Eagles
Fred Smoot Redskins
Samari Rolle Titans

PR: Aww…. Ed didn’t want to comment on Charles Woodson blowing up the Raiders spot by signing the franchise tender. Poor little salary cap.

BB: Dale Carter and Deion Sanders is an ugly, ugly pair of cornerbacks. Jesus.

PR: Jesus told Deion that headhunting is wrong.

ED:  Obviously, the ideal landing spot for Deion is Washington.  The Nats, that is.  C’mon, you know Jim Bowden would do that in a heartbeat.  How Dale Carter isn’t a Cowboy is beyond me.

BB: I wonder how Ken Lucas finds the time to play for the Seahawks with all his movies and albums and Chappelle Show appearances. Of course, he’s still the best receiver in this market. RAISE IT UP!

PR: I was more fascinated by Ken Lucas’ voting record in the house. Likes: Guns, Soft Money and School Prayer. Dislikes: Gays and Abortion and Internet gambling.

BB: He’s an Old Testament kinda guy.

BB: Pete Hunter’s definitely stretched as a starter for the Cowboys but there’s no reason he can’t be the nickel corner for someone.

ED:  If you think through that logic, you realize that Bill has had too much alone time with Chris Mortensen.

BB: Really – who’s gonna be dumb enough to overpay for Allen Rossum? OH! San Diego! There you are! Thanks lil buddies.

BB: Chris Cash is the goods as a third corner in Madden but I can’t tell you if he’s worth it in real-life. Ah, fortunately, I am kept away from Detroit for my own safety.

PR: Oh, I eagerly await the stupid contract that someone is going to give Fred Smoot. I mean Samari Rolle is the new hotness all of a sudden. So playing the Redskins for a $15 million signing bonus isn’t surprising. Oh yeah – that is going to be spectacular. Anyway, Smoot will then talk his way into like the Saints secondary. Oh yeah – I wanna see Jim Haslett/Fred Smoot meetings.

PR: Frank Walker has played some perfectly acceptable defense for the Giants. Assuredly, this means Tom Coughlin wants no part of him on the team. Yeah, can’t understand why folks would think that Philip Buchanan is headed to the Big Apple. Nope, not at all. Grrr….


Ainsley Battles Steelers
Cory Bird Colts
Chris Young Broncos
Kenoy Kennedy Broncos
Bobby Gray Bears
Willie Offord Vikings
Rich Coady Rams
Izell Reese Bills
Will Demps Ravens
Chris Hope Steelers
Tyrone Carter Steelers
Marlon McCree Texans
Idrees Bashir Colts
Jerry Wilson Chargers
Brian Russell Vikings
Justin Lucas Rams
Terreal Bierria Seahawks
Damien Richardson Panthers
Travares Tillman Panthers

BB: There’s not a lot here to talk about. No one really stands out and really safety’s such an easily replacable position that any of these guys could slip into your favorite team’s defense and you probably wouldn’t even know it.

ED:  My money is on Will Demps becoming a Raider.  Not that I want such to happen, but it’s such an easy call.

PR: As long as I can still sign Victor Green in Madden, I could care less about everyone else.

BB: I’m sure there are punters who are free agents but you can do that your research yourself and you’re going to have to if you want it.

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