Forgotten Player of the Moment: JESSIE ARMSTEAD

(by Phil Rippa) – Originally Published (10/6/2010) Originally I was going to write something about the initial class of New York Giants inducted into the Ring of Honor of the new Giants Stadium… err… New Meadowlands Stadium. Then I looked at the 30 names and I was like “Umm… well what I am supposed to do with this?” I don’t think […]

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Forgotten Player of the Moment: CHRIS HOILES

 (by Phil Rippa) – Originally published (10/6/2010) Hall of Fames always tend to be comical, each in their own special way. Baseball’s is the best and for the most part everyone who should be in is in (Again – I said SHOULD. Poor poor Bert Blyleven). You could probably spend more time arguing about the fringe guys who got in […]

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Wait… what???

Hiya~! So Ed and I are back… though we never really left. You are looking at the rebooted site originally known as Veteran Presence. Through a series of comical events (which may or may not be tied to us being old and idiots) – the VP domain became somewhat FUBARed. I stupidly convinced Ed that we should take one more […]

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