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After having my 50th FPOTM celebration ruined because of the simple fact that we had done… oh… 55 (stupid unupdated archives), I was looking for some other pseudo theme that would inspire to crank out a FPOTM. It came to me as I was updated said archives (For some reason a batch of FPOTMs never got listed on the archive page thus throwing off my total. Yes, I now have an Excel file to track FPOTMs… I too am amazed that I have had sex.) You can see in this conversation how Mark Quinn was settled up.


Phil : Okay – I so need to do a “Q” and a “Y” FPOTM

Phil : poor poor forgotten letters

Phil : Of course – that means I guess Dan Quisenberry it is

Ed : aww, who was the guy for the Royals?

Ed : not Quiz

Ed: the OF from the late-90’s who ended up leading all Q players in HR

Ed : and who crippled himself playing ninja in his home

Phil : aww…

Phil : now I am laughing way too much

Ed : it was like Quinn, maybe?

Phil : Mark Quinn?

Ed : yeah, I think that’s it

Phil : no – that is him

Ed: Neyer would get a little excited about him

Phil : I just was laughing too hard at the ninja thing

Phil : to answer

Ed : aww

Ed: you remember that, right?

Phil : Of course

Ed : hehehehehehe

Phil: poor Neyer

Ed: there’s your Q

Ed: it has to be done

Phil: God – I never thought to look at the Royals section in that lineup book

Phil: And that book came out in 2003 so it would have been perfect

Ed: aww

Phil: since Quinn’s last year was 02

Ed : hehehehehehe

Ed: poor poor Neyer


HITS: 307

RUNS: 153


RBIS: 167




ON-BASE: .324


OPS+: 101

Yup – Mark Quinn had the most home runs of any player whose last name starts with the letter “Q”. His total of 45 trumped Jaime Quirk’s 43 (and what is up with the Royals having like every guy whose name started with Q? Was this some sort of weird pseudo Moneyball type plan that failed miserably?) The was one fly in the ointment though… Carlos Quentin has already passed him with 54 home runs (as of this writing.)

With that no longer going for him, Quinn will probably be known for the other thing that EdQuinn mentioned. After the 2001 season (which was his second full year in the bigs) Quinn decided that the best way to prep for the upcoming year was to go all Jackie Chan with his brother. Apparently the Quinn boys decided that a chair was their most formidable foe. They lost and Mark Quinn had a broken rib. Oh, a broken rib that he failed to tell the Royals he had. Yeah… that worked out real well. He played a grand total of 23 games that season. Kansas City – clearly not waiting for the Quinn boys to roll out another sequel to Drunken Master – released Mark and he was never able to get back to the majors.

And it’s not like he just never got another shot – it was basically like he lost the one thing he sorta had going for him; his power. That’s what you get for not actually telling your team you stupidly broke your hip and waiting till the pain became unbearable.  I am sure Rice University was thrilled with that representation of the quality of education they provide for their students.

It was kind of a shame since Quinn had passable stats in what amounted to two seasons of ball. He was third in the Rookie of the Year voting in behind Kazuhiro Sasaki and Terrence Long. SAVES BITCHES!!!! And by the way – isn’t it interesting that Kaz Sasaki was rookie enough for the award but Hideki Matsui three years later was all HE ISN’T A ROOKIE!!!! DREAMY ANGEL BERROA!!! Anyway – Quinn was named AL Rookie of the Year by the Sporting News… so that has to sorta kinda count for something. Of course, playing for KC might as well have been playing for St. Louis in their minds, so maybe a grain of salt should be taken with that award.


Mark Quinn Baseball-Reference Page97TH GREATEST ROYAL!!!The Mark Quinn AwardThe Other Marc Quinn
(who probably wishes this Mark Quinn would stop sullying his name)



2000 TOPPS ALL-ROOKIE TEAMC – Bengie Molina1B – Pat Burrell2B – Adam Kennedy3B – Mike Lamb

SS – Rafael Furcal

OF – Mark Quinn

OF – Jay Payton

OF – Terrence Long

RHP – Kaz Sazaki

LHP – Mark Redman
That is only ugly, ugly batch of rookies. Poor poor Topps.

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