Forgotten Player of the Moment – JAY SCHROEDER

JAY SCHROEDER (by ED AGNER) Dean gets drunk upon occasion (No. Really.) and emails the world-wide headquarters and swears at us. Well, actually, he swears at Phil, but who doesn’t? Anyway, Dean emails and requests oddball stuff. (For the record: No, Dean, Bill WILL NOT arrive at your door dressed in leather. Phil WILL go rollerblading with you dressed […]

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VP of the Month (Dec 2009) – Washington Redskins

THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS VP OF THE MONTH – DECEMBER 2009  ED: Ed Agner : PR: Phil Rippa (Originally Published on 1/11/2010) PR: Somewhere in the process of thinking up this new feature, we easily decided on Jimmy Rollins and our VP of the Year we realized that we needed a December too. Again, we wanted no part of Tiger Woods […]

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Forgotten Player of the Moment: JESSIE ARMSTEAD

(by Phil Rippa) – Originally Published (10/6/2010) Originally I was going to write something about the initial class of New York Giants inducted into the Ring of Honor of the new Giants Stadium… err… New Meadowlands Stadium. Then I looked at the 30 names and I was like “Umm… well what I am supposed to do with this?” I don’t think […]

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