Forgotten Player of the Moment – DJ DOZIER

D.J. DOZIER (by Ed Agner) Ahh, yesterday’s fads! How are we supposed to explain hair metal or mullets or grunge or…nipple rings? That’s not hypothetical. I really have no clue how that all is to be explained. I know at some point some kid will come up to me and go – “Hey, angry old man! How the hell did […]

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Forgotten Player of the Moment – ANDRA FRANKLIN

ANDRA FRANKLIN (by PHIL RIPPA) (Note – This was written before Franklin’s untimely death in December of 2006. I am pretty sure he was the first person to pass away after a FPOTM was written about him. That was unsettling. Of course not enough to prevent us from doing that Death Pool. We suck. – Rippa) For a long time, […]

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